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Prayer times for 11-21-2017
Imsak 5:42 AM إمساك
Fajr 5:47 AM الفجر
Sunrise 7:19 AM الشروق
Zuhr 11:59 AM الظهر
Sunset 4:39 PM الغروب
Maghrib 4:51 PM المغرب
Friday (Jum'a) Prayer
Friday prayer for this week is on
Date: Nov 24, 2017
Time: 12:00 PM

صلاة الجمعة لهذا الأسبوع ستكون في
تاريخ 11-24-2017
وقت 12:00 PM
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Welcome To IHIC
Imam Hussain Islamic Center in Minnesota

Salaam Alaikum, To include announcements in our weekly program, please send your requests to by 6:00 PM on Friday of the prior week. Please consider supporting IHIC financially by donating towards our funds. You can donate any amount, large or small, using our PAYPAL link available on our web site and in our weekly e-mail.

IHIC Upcoming Events
Prayer times

Important Dates of the Month :

7th Night (Thursday - Oct 27th)
- Shahadat Imam Hassan Al-Mujtaba [as] - 50 AH;

10th Night (Sunday - Oct 29th)
- Shahadat of Janabe Sakina Binte Husayn

20th Night (Wedsday - Nov. 8th)
- Arbaeen [Fortieth] of Imam Husayn [as] & Shuhada-e-Karbala;

28th (Thursday - Nov. 16th)
- Wafat of Rasulillah [saww] - 11 AH;

29th (Friday - Nov. 17th)
- Shahadat of Imam Ali ibne Musa, Ar-Ridha [as] - 203 AH.
Porphet Muhammad program at Al Muntazar Foundation
November 17, 18 & 19
Prophet Muhammed program at [ Al Muntazar Foundation, Egan ] will begin this Friday Nov 17 - Sunday Nov 19. For directions to the center, click here

See program details in flyer below.
Thursday, November 16th

6:15 PM
Quran Recitation.

7:30 PM
Salaat Al-Esha
Dua'a Kumail
Ziyarat Warith
English lecture - Sheik Abu Ali Albagdadhi
( Wafat of Rasulillah saww)
(Shahadat of Imam Ali ibne Musa, Ar-Ridha)
Friday, November 17th

11:58 PM 
Salaat Aljuma
Saturday, November 18th
08:30 AM
Quran Tafseer/Study

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Hadi Medical Clinic
The clinic is open every Saturday to provide free primary healthcare and eye services on a walk-in basis.

7:30 PM
Farsi Program upstairs
Hadi Free Medical Clinic has Alhamdulillah been operational for the last 3 years providing Medical Care for the uninsured and recently we have added Optometry services as well.
In addition IHIC/Hadi Medical Clinic is now officially registered as a Food Shelf Center with "The Food Group" distribution center. This means that we can purchase prepackaged food items at a very nominal price and serve the less fortunate communities around our neighborhoods and Twin Cities. We are currently providing these services monthly to our patients and neighborhoods and the need continues to grow.
Please donate generously towards this noble act.
Your contributions can be sent to IHIC and please remember to include food distribution in the memo portion of your payment. 
If you need any more info please contact IHIC Management,Mohammed Jiwa or myself. 

Thank you   
Dr Abdulhussain Nathani
Sunday, November 19th

10:30 AM - 2:40 PM
Annour school
Syria Appeal: Sakina's Wish

7 million children in Syria are currently suffering from hunger. This Arbaeen, as we remember the young orphan, Bibi Sakina, (Sayeda Roqayya), who was martyred in Damascus, let us do what we can to help those orphans who are in need today in the same land which is blessed by her and Sayeda Zainab (AS).

A group of NASIMCO volunteers, including the Ladies Nudba Group, will be going to Syria at their own expense to distribute aid in the Sayeda Zainab neighbourhood of Damascus. They will buy aid locally, including food, medicine, and educational supplies. Our volunteers will distribute this aid with their own hands to orphans, widows and needy families.   

We can all be part of this important journey by donating generously. Our volunteers will use every dollar raised to buy supplies that will help those who are really in need. For the same price as a cup of coffee; you can make a big difference in someone's life.

Quran Tafseer & Commentary 
by Sheikh Mohammad Sobhani. 

Salaamun ‘alaykum,
This is a wonderful opportunity for parents and the youth to visit the holy places in Iran and Iraq in 17 days in December 2017. You can also choose to visit only one of the two places, Iran or Iraq. In the company of a renowned scholar who will look after all your needs, the visit includes all the important ziyarat, visits to the maraji in both Iran and Iraq, seeing the hawza at work first hand, visit local orphanages, tourist sites and much much more. The emphasis at all times will be on the spiritual dimension of ziyarat.   Apologies for any duplication of message.
For further questions call Dr. Liyakat Takim  647 865-7863; or email him at Please see the attached flyer for more details. Visit also our website:

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