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Prayer times for 01-20-2021
Imsak 06:03 إمساك
Fajr 06:13 الفجر
Sunrise 07:45 الشروق
Zuhr 12:24 الظهر
Sunset 05:04 الغروب
Maghrib 05:24 المغرب
Friday (Jum'a) Prayer
Friday prayer for this week is on
Date: Jan 22, 2021
Time: 12:25

صلاة الجمعة لهذا الأسبوع ستكون في
تاريخ 01-22-2021
وقت 12:25
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Please Welcome Sayyid Muntadher Weekly Activities
Connecting with Sayyid Muntadher
Salaam Alaikum,
As we continue to share opportunities for the community to engage with Sayyid Muntadher, the flyer below is a how-to guide to use the online calendar tool, Calendly, to find time to connect with Sayyid Muntadher one on one.
A Hadith to start the week from Sayyid Muntadher
Imam al-Hasan al-Askari (p) is reported to have said: “All evils have been locked in a room and its key is lying”

روي عن الإمام الحسن العسكري (ع): "جعلت الخبائث في بيت وجعل مفتاحه الكذب"

Reference: Al-Majlisi, Bihar al-anwar, vol. 69, p. 263.
Thursday Dec 1st
English /Arabic Lecture Online
Click here for Livestream.
Program will start at 7:45 PM
7:45 PM Quran Recitation
7:55 PM Lecture Series: Analysis of Dua Kumail by Sayyid Muntadher (Part 3 of 4)*
8:25 PM Dua Kumail
8:45 PM Arabic - Lecture by Sayyid Muntadher Aljaberi
9:15 PM Ziyaraat
End of the Program
Friday December 2nd
Livestream only
Friday Khutba by Sheikh Abu Ali at 12:03 PM
Click here for Livestream

No Salaat at the Center
Weekly Quranic Reflection 
By Sheikh Hasnain Kassamali
Do they not reflect upon the Quran, or are there locks on the hearts? (Q 47:24)

For past Quranic Reflections click here

Quranic Reflection No. 500. Āyat 2:127 – Seeking Acceptance of Allah

وَإِذْ يَرْفَعُ إِبْراهِيمُ الْقَواعِدَ مِنَ الْبَيْتِ وَإِسْماعِيلُ رَبَّنا تَقَبَّلْ مِنَّا إِنَّكَ أَنْتَ السَّمِيعُ الْعَلِيمُ  
Wa-idh yarfa‘u Ibrāhīmul-qawā‘ida minal bayti wa Ismā‘īlu rabbanā taqabbal minnā innaka antasamī‘ul-‘alīm
As Ibrāhīm raised the foundations of the House with Ismā‘īl [they prayed]: Our Lord, accept it from us! Indeed, You are the All-hearing, the All-knowing.
(Sūrat al-Baqarah, No. 2, Āyat 127)

Seeking acceptance is part of human nature. We see this in infants who repeat certain actions like smiling or specific facial expressions when they receive positive affirmation. It continues as we enter adolescence through doing things that will help us be accepted by our peers and avoiding those actions that earn their disapproval. By the time we enter adulthood we find that seeking acceptance, whether it be of our spouses, bosses or friends, becomes an ingrained faculty that governs many of our actions. As such our emotional and mental happiness becomes dependent upon what others think of us.

There are many issues that arise from constantly seeking acceptance of others. For example, we may change or soften our positions on issues based on someone’s approval or disapproval. We might be insincere by paying fake compliments to others to gain their approval. We may engage in gossip just to fit in. So how do we stop this approval-seeking behavior? The truth of the matter is we can’t stop seeking acceptance as it is part of our pre-programmed creation, it is a quality that is seen from the time of infancy. However, the reason we have been created this way is because Allah ‘azza wajall wants us to seek His acceptance, not the acceptance of His creatures. This truth was understood by Prophets Ibrāhīm and Ismā‘īl (peace be upon them), who after building the Ka‘ba prayed to Allah subhānahu wata‘ālā saying: Our Lord, accept it from us! Indeed, You are the All-hearing, the All-knowing (Q 2:127).

A similar plea of acceptance can also be found in the supplication of Hanna, the mother of Bibi Maryam ‘alayhas-salām, when she dedicates her unborn child to Allah. She prays: Accept it from me; Indeed You are the All-hearing, the All-knowing (Q 3:35). After the baby is born, Allah answers her supplication and accepts her baby. He says: So her Lord accepted her with a gracious acceptance and made her grow up in a worthy fashion, and He charged Zakariyyā with her care (Q 3:37).

Seeking the acceptance of Allah (swt) is essential and fundamental since it is He who has created us, sustains us, and will judge us. It is important that we are accepted by Him. How do we know if our actions are being accepted by Allah ‘azza wajall? We have been provided with certain criteria for acceptance that we should try to live by. They are:
·      Become God-conscious. Allah (swt) says in the Holy Quran: Allah accepts only from the God-conscious (Q 5:27). God-consciousness is always to remember Allah, especially when we find ourselves in a crossroads between our desires and the command of Allah. When we prefer Allah over ourselves, one of the results of such a decision is that our actions will be accepted by Allah, even if the outcome may not be what we had intended.
·      Be sincere. It is narrated that Imam al-Sādiq (a) said: God the Almighty said, ‘I am the best partner. I do not accept any act in which you take partners besides Me. I only accept deeds which are sincerely done for Me’. (Mishkāt al-Anwār Ch. 2, H 16).
·      Be satisfied with the decree of Allah (swt). It has been narrated that Imam al-al-Sādiq (a) said: The one who gets sick for a night and he accepts it with an acceptance, Allah Mighty and Majestic would write for him worship performed for sixty years. He was asked: What is the meaning of ‘an acceptance? ’The Imam said: He does not complain of what has afflicted him during it to anyone (al-Kāfī v. 3 p. 116).

There are many more examples of actions that we can carry out which earn the acceptance of Allah subhānahu wata‘ālā like: being kind to our parents, being beneficial to others, acceptance and reciprocation of Wilāyah, etc. The most important thing to remember however is that we should have the singular focus of seeking only the acceptance of Almighty Allah in all our actions. The result of such an effort will not only be His acceptance but also inner strength and peace. Our emotions will not be tied to the emotions of others and we will not be at the mercy of others emotionally. Ultimately seeking Allah’s happiness will make us happy.

Sources: Āyatullāh Nāsir Makārim Shirāzī, Al-Amthal fí Tafsīr Kitāb Allah al- Munzal
Hennepin County Residents - Payment Assistance

If you or someone you know is struggling to pay rent or utility bills because of COVID-19, The county will pay overdue rent* or utilities directly to your landlord or to your utility company. The funding ends Dec. 31st, but residents may apply multiple times and are eligible for past rent & utility payments.

Apply online:

*Not for renters with Section 8 vouchers or living in public housing.

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