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It was narrated that prophet Mohammad (pbuhp) said:
“Hussain is from me and I’m from Hussain, may Allah love whoever loves Hussain ”
روي عَنِ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه و آله انه َقَالَ :
"حسين مني وأنا من حسين ، أحب الله من أحب حسينا"

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Welcome to IHIC

Salaam Alaikum,
      Please note that there will be no Juma prayer at IHIC this Friday.  Please join Anjuman Asghari for Friday prayers.
      To include announcements in our weekly program, please send your requests to by 6:00 PM on Friday of the prior week.

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IHIC This Week

Thursday Dec 18th


7:30 PM Salaat

             Dua Kumail
             Zyiarat Warith
             lecture by Br. Saleh Radhi

Friday Dec 19th

12:05 Please Join Anjuman Asghari for Juma Prayers
Commemorating Shahada of Prophet Mohammad PBUH
7:30 PM Salatul Isha
             Ziyarat Warith
             English lecture by Sheikh Mohammad Sobhanie
Saturday Dec 20th


        Commemorating Shahada of Imam Ridha AS

7:30 PM Salatul Isha

        English lecture by sheikh Ahmad

        Arabic lecture by Mohammad Sobhanie



6:30 PM Farsi Program upstairs


Guest Speaker: Sheikh Mohammed Sobhanie 

     Sheikh Mohammad Sobhanie is a scientist and religious scholar at the Unity Center in Ohio. He is dedicated to educating Muslims on the fundamentals of Islam, offering commentary of Quran and supplications' of Ahlul-Bayte (as).  He has given lectures in many Islamic centers across the United States, participated in interfaith programs and published articles in Islamic magazines. 

     Sheikh Sobhanie will be delivering an English lecture at our center for the Shahada of Prophet Mohammad PBUH as well as Imam Ridha AS. His topic will be "The Noble Quran - The Miracle of the Prophet Mohammad (saw).


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     Each time you shop on AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchase to IHIC.  This is the same Amazon we have known for years, same service, products and price.  Please visit the link to AmazonSmile to learn more and start your shopping spree.

Non-IHIC announcements

Non-IHIC announcements
     Imam Hussain Islamic Center is not responsible for non-IHIC events or announcements placed in this section.  This section is provided as a service to our community and members requesting these announcements are solely responsible for their contents.  All funds raised, their distribution and their legal reporting is the responsibility of the members placing the announcement.  All request should be within Islamic guide-lines and IHIC by-Laws. 
      If you would like to have an announcement in this section, please contact us by Saturday before weekly IHIC announcement distribution.
Sharia Portfolio, Halal Investments


  Great news, as a regional manager, one of our own Aliredha Walji, can help you make sound investments in a 100% Halal investment market. Handling your personal finances means finding better ways to manage your investments to reduce your anxiety in this economy.  When you partner with an advisor from ShariaPortfolio, you benefit from a disciplined investment strategy and receive value through unbiased expertise.  Now there is an alternative to conventional investing. Your money will not be invested in:





Adult Entertainment

Pork Products


Interest Income....


See the business card with contact information here.  



Rizwan Mulla

 Saleh Radhi Bussness Card



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IHIC is located at :
6120 Brooklyn Boulvard
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429, USA
Our Mailing Address:
PO Box 29133, Brooklyn Center, MN 55429

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Sunday, December 21, 2014
Imsak6:08 AM
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Sunset4:34 PM
Maghrib4:46 PM

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